April 29th

Creative Movement with slowdanger

slowdanger is a multidisciplinary performance duo comprised of Anna Thompson and Taylor Knight. They combine improvisational and choreographed dance with their original electronic soundscapes generating a vulnerable, evocative, and authentic performance experience.

slowdanger's open level workshops are an ever-evolving movement experience, investigating a blend of improvisational and structured methodologies. Inspired by their shared studies in somatic practices, BodyMindCentering, Laban Movement Analysis, Movement Theater, Mime, Gaga, Pearlann Porter's 'post-jazz', and compositional studies, participants will investigate non-verbal processing mechanisms through ontological examination, physiological centering, and kinesthetic awareness. Following a somatic intuitive warm-up geared towards efficiency of joints, muscles, and breath; participants enter directed studies in group, duo, and independent improvisation. Participants will be opened to explore connections to the body, sound, and their environment. These connections are used to play, investigate, explore and regenerate the self.