July 29th

Improvisational Partnering with Weylin Gomez

In this class we will explore stillness in relation to both ourselves and a partner. What does it mean to quiet our senses and look within, and what does it mean to quiet our senses and listen to what someone else is saying?

We will work with qualities that both compliment and oppose our partner, to truly create a conversation. A conversation in which there is just as much, if not more, listening than responding.

Then, we will move into the idea of contact and the qualities that we are able to create through touch.

Finally, if time permits, we will partner up and divide into groups. This will add an observational element, in which the participants will have a chance to observe the application of these qualities amongst the other participants. It will give you time to reflect on your own choices and observe your fellow participants choices, who knows, you may even feel inspired by another participants movement!